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Low-End Models: Zurück zur Einstiegsseite
- Too tight to be straight (1998)
- Genderly (2001)
- Sampler
  Too tight to be straight
Arthouse Records 1998, 58:50 min

Alexandra Todt - Gesang
Ines Baumann - Gitarre
Cintia Pawlowski - Bass
Babsi Zimmermann - Schlagzeug

[01] blut tut gut
[02] werbeblock
[03] i hate my life
[04] pour toi carine
[05] casse ta gueule
[06] not maybe
[07] once upon a time
[08] schatten
[09] i know you could
[10] ungehaltene rede
[11] friday's home
[12] es gibt so tage
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Blut tut gut   [song, 2887 KB]   [part, 836 KB]
Not maybe   [song, 4707 KB]   [part, 1293 KB]



Alexandra Todt - Gesang
Ines Baumann - Gitarre, Programmierung Synthesizer
Babsi Zimmermann - Schlagzeug, Programmierung Synthesizer

[01] Valentinstag
[02] Bounded
[03] Schlafzimmerkriegerin
[04] Schatten
[05] Von der Sucht nach dem One-Night-Stand, Teil 1
[06] "Dyking"
[07] Loneliness came to visit me
[08] I put my feet where the earth should be
[09] Dealer
[10] Snaky
[11] Shadows

Valentinstag   [ganzes Stück, 4460 KB]  
Bounded   [ganzes Stück, 3148 KB]  
Schatten   [ganzes Stück, 2409 KB]  


Ladybomb Revolution Tape 001
17 lady fronted bands all around the world. what they all have in common, is that they rock hard and make good music. the tape comes along with a beautiful booklet with features on the bands.
(Low-End Models: Valentinstag)
Ladybomb Distro, Finland 2002 (political, ladyrun zine & music distro)

bluNoise Mailorder Sampler Volume 5
with Molotow Soda, Soapbox, u.a.
(Low-End Models: I put my feet where the earth should be)
21 Songs
bluNoise Records, Germany 2001

Street Attack Volume 3
Punk-Ska-Alternative (For the punkrock-Fan!)
(Low-End Models: Valentinstag)
27 Songs
Noisegate Productions, Germany 2001